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Liang Kee


T1 Ginger Onion Fish Rice 姜葱鱼肉片饭, T2 Sweet & Sour Fish Rice 糖醋鱼肉片饭, T3 Gam Hiong Fish Rice 金香鱼肉片饭, T4 Black Pepper Fish Rice 黑胡椒肉片饭, T5 Gong Bao Fish Rice 宫保肉片饭, U1 Gong Bao Chicken Rice 宫保鸡饭, U2 Gam Hiong Chicken Rice 金香鸡饭, U3 Black Pepper Chicken Rice 黑胡椒鸡饭, U4 Guinness Chicken Rice 黑啤洒鸡饭, U5 Mami Chicken Rice 妈蜜鸡饭, V1 Gong Bao Mantis Shrimp Rice 宫保虾姑肉饭, V2 Gam Hiong Mantis Shrimp Rice 金香虾姑肉饭, V3 Sambal Shrimp Rice

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